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Lemon Grove is a list of backgrounds, some spells, and a few monsters for Troika. They broadly orbit around citrus and western themes.

Overall, Lemon Grove is both bizarre and grounded. Each of its backgrounds comes with a solid adventuring hook, the spells are a perfect mix of weird/useful/flavorful, and the writing is evocative and funny.

For folks who already have Troika, or who are looking to pick it up, I would absolutely recommend a copy of Lemon Grove as well.

Minor Issues:

-Page 3, Goblin Drum Major, "Only they are wont to scatter or even both to showing up." wont to scatter or not even bother showing up

-Page 4, Lonesome Hermit, "That trading post your frequented" you frequented

-Page 6, Retired Gargoyle, "a life adventure and tourism" a life of adventure and tourism

-Page 7, Knife Swapper, "what good is a knife collect" collection


Wow, that you for the lovely review! 

And for the copy editing. It is always very much appreciated

No worries. It's a super cool supplement!

This is such an excellent supplement. Every background perfectly touches the edge of specificity. Planning to use this for UVG Troika!

Thank you! I’m so glad you like it. I would love to hear how it goes

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Hey, I accessed this via the Racial Justice Bundle. So far, everything is great :) Really fun descriptions!
But it seems my copy is missing the first few pages. It starts from the "11 Railroadmancer, Conductor Class"
There are a total of 17 pages.

Hi! No worries, the setting is a supplement for Troika, which since you have the bundle, you already have!

There's no introductory material in the document since it assumes a certain amount of context. Lemon Grove is written in a similar style to Troika's backgrounds, implying the setting from descriptions. I hope that makes some more sense though.

Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks :)